I already feel a bit lonely: /

hi i may be only 13 but I am very mature for it ...

everywhere I look I see couples and I? I walk alone .. I'm very shy and did not auh the mega dream-figure .... although I see very pretty boys but do not want anything from me and I live well since nem three quarters of the year here ...

what can man do? : /

The best answer

Let it rather. Wait until you're a bit older, it has time. Let everything go slow enjoy your childhood later you're going to miss you

You're 13? Just wait until puberty is over for the time, then everything will change. With 13 you should not pay attention to his character but what do with friends.

And what do you expect because of a relationship? The boys your age are usually not so ripe. Enjoy some your life, you are still so young. There comes a right.

You're 13 seeking thee girlfriends with whom you play barbie can

somehow think every 13- 15 years that they are mature)

Seeking you nice girlfriends and boyfriend sometime sometimes happen

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