I am a Kurd and would like to switch to believe Yezidischem does it work?

As above already is I am a Kurd and would like to accept the Yezidism. I am Muslim but accept this believe not because I think they were all Kurds earlier Yazidis and were then forcibly Islamized.

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Brief information Religion: Yezidis

The origins of the Yezidi religion are unclear. After self-representation is one of the oldest religions of the world. Probably a mixture of elements of Mithraism, Zorastrismus, Islam, Sufism, Judaism and Oriental Christianity. The actual founder or reformer, the Sufi Sheik Adi ben Musafiz (* c 1075 -. † 1160), given the history of the Yezidis secure a first date. He founded the Adawiya Medal, which was eventually followed by the Islamic orthodoxy. His tomb in Lalish in northern Iraq is a central sanctuary.

As part of the Kurdish people were and the Yezidis are persecuted in their home countries in several ways: ethnically, politically and religiously. Muslims interpret the worship of angels Peacocks as a sign that the Yezidi faith was not monotheistic. The persecution led to a strong confidentiality of religion (so-called. Arkanreligion) by rigid foreclosure or acceptance außeryezidischer practices, not to attract attention to the outside. This resulted in regional differences. The relationship with Christians turned out well, many Yezidis helped also threatened Armenians.

In Turkey, Ataturk Turkification 1923 saw Although minority rights before, turned this but the Kurds who were defamed until recently as "mountain Turks", in particular Yezidi Kurds, not to. Murder, rape and expulsions in Kurdish and Yezidi villages by the military were not punished. Turkey's efforts to achieve integration into the EU strengthen the autonomy of the Kurdish or Yezidentums, z. B. their language and their own media.

In Iran, the army attacked under Chomeni numerous Kurdish cities and villages. In Iraq, the Kurds have endured under Hussein massive attacks. Your position improved after the Gulf war by the establishment of the UN Protection Zone and US support. In the 2005 elections attracted Kurds in Parliament and asked the President. In Syria Assad stopped the previous discrimination, but the rights of the Kurds are not prepared to again today. In Azerbaijan and Armenia, the war between the two countries in 1994 forced many Kurds to flee.

Man is born a Yezidi and it can not accept so far as I know.

As far as I know this is not possible ask but rather times a Yezidis because you yourself do or tell him that he should ask his load and relatives. Maybe you come so on, but actually this is not possible

Inform yourself about the Byzantine Empire. The formerly majority (Orthodox) Christians who were then forcibly Islamized. Of course there were other religions, such as Judaism. But certainly not all previously Yazidis.

You have to be born a Yezidi!

Bre min I'm kurde but believe in nothing sure kannstdu change the up to you and the heart

All Kurds were not Yazidis but Mesopotamians.

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