I am desperate because of profession or study choice. What am I supposed to be?

Hello :) I am now 18 and have my Fachabi economy finished with 2.2. Currently I will. Trained as a wholesale and Außenhandelskaufffrau for a few months And I must say it does not please me. This office work the same every day no challenges documents, contracts etc, it is sooooo incredibly boring I am so challenged. I would like to study but I do not know exactly what. Architecture interested me. I may well mark and am creative I have a lot of imagination and ideas. I love to beautify "ugly" things eg. A house or someone makeup etc. I love it to be set up to decorate I like to help people and I'm good with children especially good I am in English. What I dislike are working dry, finance, accounting etc. dignity architecture fits me? Or you have an idea what these skills fit: (((Hilfeee?

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Due to your interests I would suggest to you that you watch the following professions:

-Kinderkrankenschwester - Pediatrician






-Rettungsassistent -> Paramedic -> ambulance

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For 18 years you sound extremely naive. You knew beforehand what you do as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk so ... Or would you at least need to inform.

What do you think, how to study architecture expires? A beautiful house drawing, can be built by others while you put makeup on a couple of English children, and then set up ??? Technical Drawing has little to do with creativity! There are plenty of building codes, structural analysis, calculations and other übelst boring things that you need to wrangle you ...

If you really are sooo unhappy, inform yourself first thoroughly discuss alternatives before you afterwards chasing a new dream that will never come true ...

A Voluntary social or ecological year would be a good opportunity to try a few things and, incidentally, to be a bit adult ...

And do yourself a favor: a little more humility would not go ...

I would just make time to your body an internship at an architect, so you can then determine if it is something for you.

No, architecture does not fit. Since you have to expect a lot. As it comes to home building and statics. Interior design, since it is already rather around setting, but is also difficult. Since it is also not without math. I think this is both not for you. How about social? Fashion. We make garden? Should it really be studying?

I would just make time in your place an internship at an architect ...

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