I am sorry to my 5 year old dog for health reasons proposed but do not know how?

Hi, I have a 5 year old Pit Bull but something not has remained and is always appreciated very young! My dog ​​is just wonderful, he is loving, accessible, he listens well and has all the papers and insurance are necessary! I live with my fiance and his son is now drawn from brief to us, he has a severe type of dog allergy and unfortunately can not take any medication for it because his immune system is extremely disturbed and many other health factors play a role! What is the reason for this is the small with us now, because the child's mother was totally overwhelmed with it! Now the end of this crappy song is that I have to give my beloved dog! What makes me totally sad! I find it not easy to write here let alone to have thought it! But unfortunately I have no other option! My question on this topic is like I give a dog ever gone? Whom do I contact what should I look, I want to advertise? I have no idea, I've never been in such a situation and just do not know what to do! It is very important to me that the dog is very good hands coming! And the dog is more important to me IMEIN home place where he will remain forever! will have I know that many do not understand my actions! That's not the issue here but rather to find the best solution for the dog! I hope the answer to a few helpful! Thanks to all who go without prejudices to this question ran!

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Look best which dogs help is available in your area, if a private placement does not come into question, as you write below. There are in addition to the local SPCA cats and dogs aids aids who work virtually complementary. They can help you in certain circumstances in the mediation. Of course you can also advertise themselves. However, it is important to the people and the places to look very good when you turn in an animal. Best wishes

Have you vlt not nen relatives would take the dog? Or friends ... So he'd gone and in safe hands ... And you make him even want to see you can visit him yes

Hello, I have just the enddeckt this question is still online! Just wanted to report that I gave my dog ​​away and NOT e never can do will or, I hang too much on him!

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