I am to be held liable if my child dog on the own garden beist

Hi, had my bitch last summer Welper (boxer), now a colleague with son + a girlfriend came to visit in my garden. I immediately spoke my mind with child + foreign person from, received the answer of the young would have received rules, this was from his mother pushed into the garden + all 3 were in it! the young jumped down a sales + My bitch attacked him! we all stepped in immediately, the 3 left as soon as possible to my house, rtw was called because the son was caught at the eye and mouth, luckily nothing lasting.

Now the health insurance would naturally take recourse, despite my admonition, even under witness + admission to the complicity of the mother, this is legit?

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You are initially ALWAYS responsible for the behavior of your dog - regardless of whether this occurs in your garden or the public.

http: //www.hunderecht.eu/hundegesetz/deutsches-hunderecht/17-die-haftung-des-tie ...

In this case, you would have just have to insist that the children do not go to the garden, or lock away the dog. Regardless of you have also to ensure that the dog is so educated that he does not even have the idea to bite a child. Or. can be immediately accessed.

I can not imagine that you are from the low number.

However, the dog liability accepts such damage - but they have been so ...

YES. For your concerns you had with a contact ban to prevail for the dog! to be looked at askance even at peril. therefore one can sue now.

@ Lilli2007hh,

your dog has reacted instinctively. You are in the compulsory.

If you could read the body language of dogs and interpret logical you had had the chance to intervene before something happens. Each dog displays its body language, what he wants to do in the next moment and will do. You should always have to be focused on your dog, every second.



Hi, that went bad :( And if I'm honest is your bitch unsuitable for breeding because they charackterlich not apparently so stable .... for the VDH would be an exclusion ground!

Problem is that it is happening on your private property, it would be done on public land, the mother would be ripe, namely because it has significantly breached its duty of supervision. Because you are owner of the land, however, and let in the visit have, although you were not comfortable and also you rather have stayed there and have thus violated your duty of care as well, your insurance company will have to pay for the damage. Mistake was to let visit pure and error it was, unfortunately, that could reach the child at all to the dogs .....

Likewise, I would adjust it, that by itself pulls the further consequences ..... depending on the state and response of authorities it may be that you get an invitation to the character test and the time being muzzled have need.

) But I also hope that you have learned from it and then just ask to go recalcitrant citizens to protect against yourself and also your dog again;; and I'll keep all thumbs I have available, it all is again)

You should know your dog yet. If a child in the garden, then, you have to make sure that the dog, the child may not apply.

You have even pointed out that your dog could apply the child. In plain English: You knew about the danger posed by your pet. If you have your dog is not under control and even know that he can be vicious, it's only right that you just stand for your dog. Closing out liability insurance, at least you're financially off the hook (the next Beißunfall).

The keyword is "fault strict liability" (strict liability because of "operational risk"), there is nothing to blame the mother.

I do not know if you continue to help the now, but in the image of women (Friday edition last week), it said: "if a dog is on leash and he still bites someone who wanted to pet him, the dog owner is not to blame" , So guilt is the one who caressed him.

In your place I would with someone calling from the cash register and clarify literally. This is always more credible than all the scribbling. For me, it carries both a part of the blame.

You could have your dog maybe to better lock away. Does he else also? Is its threshold is very low? Then you have to learn better assess the.

Send the claim plus description of the incident to your liability insurance. So you're out of the thing.

Anyone entering against your license and having regard to the risk of your property, is responsible for the consequences themselves.

Of course, you had your dog so must back that would happen nothing can

Yes, it is perfectly true that the insurance of the injured child you want to take recourse ...

Whether you warned or not - you do like behavior of your dog always for the (false) a !!!

The mother does not take the blame for the Beißunfall!

Witnesses can only confirm that it has come to the Beißunfall ...

Hand over the matter of your liability insurance for dogs ... Hopefully all settled in favor of the child ...

And it's like this. You as dog owners are always responsible for doing your pet in your garden or on your property An outspoken warning and / or an attached label does not release you from the "supervisory responsibilities" ...

I would take a chance on a dispute with the health insurance, but who their attorneys and you have this much money to spend with loss risk.

Yes, it is legal, the farmer's duty.

You are responsible for your dog

Just let any strangers in your land, or certainly the dog so that nothing can happen, for the rest there is a HP

Yes, who keeps dog - must pay .... so is the.

Yeah. Since there were who trespassing Your Garden You have to adhere as a holder no burglars.

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