I brauce help create a gaming computer!

As you already read can top I need help creating a gaming computer. So I mean give me tips if you can what kind of graphics card and so on and immediately I need to take or maybe you can give me a tip enter which computer is best for zocken geiegnet is. Would I rejoice on quick and helpful responses: D

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So my buddy has a to gether gestellt.Der salesman asked what he likes to play the so and if he likes the Microsoft programs have möchte.Die Microsoft programs already cost alone € 150.

Give me a budget and in a few minutes you have my suggestion :-)

my budget would be from 500-900 euros, but the info I want to not bring me jz immediately, but I want jz already have an idea (the PC I would buy only a Jahe might or later: /)

Hi, you is best you ask a itself together (I can also gladly do it for you), because you so best at rumkommst.

For that I would have only your budget to know =)

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