I can not aufhären to knibbeln nails on my fingers ..

For me it is so, I do not at my nails nibble (with teeth) but I mean nails Knibbel (with the other fingers abmache) And mostly I notice it nichtmal.Ich do not know how to auffhören because it not even my intentional ist..Gibt it slow it or what should I watch, etc ..? Please help, have the problem already länger..danke

The best answer

What you probably need is Stop-n-Grow - you get in any pharmacy.

There are so a special nail / clearcoat, which is bitter and thus it should expire.

Some people should read it right, here it is not about chew !!! Since possibly help art nails, my male gender, it looks bad


Look shown on this link, there you get a few good tips to nail biting:


I wish you success!

http: //www.chili-shop24.de/chili-sossen-hot-sauce/unmenschlich-10-/373/schwarze -...

order sauce, regularly fingertips so sprinkle and you will never get stuck again in the mouth.

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