I can see no blood! How so?

For movies I can see blood but today I've images of blood looked at whether the vlt even so like in the movie but no .... I am vice falln ... rescue ect .. Why is it so why I can in blood films but see on images not?

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I have also. I have become impotent in sex education and spent a week in hospital. The psychologist since said that that protection organization is so you do not bleed to death (ie so that when the blood flows more slowly it is powerless) and I have just too strong. But the has any, so that you fainted when blood loss is only some people have just too strong, unlike other

Hey is normal in the movies you're relaxed and just look what you relax. In reality, however, it comes to you before so serious

Our brain can differentiate between film and reality.

At the film knows -> This is not real, I need not have worried

In real life, but affects the blood much "dangerous" and your brain has trouble to handle that.

This is normal and you never have worry about it.


Hi, this goes some way, LG

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