I can still swim to-ear?

Hello, for days is my right ear closed (I was now at the doctor who administered my only tablets). Well in any case I have morning swimming lessons and I want to know if it could be harmful to my ear might in any way while swimming / diving (because of the water and chlorine).

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I would not go swimming with a closed ear, your health to love, otherwise you will get the pain ... well soon :-)

Sure thing: So you must not go swimming until it is healed again. But that ultimately determines your doctor.

What's your ear is to? Is there a middle ear infection or something? Then go swimming in any case. If there should be something else, I would again ask the doctor and EVLT you. Get an apology for teaching him.

That's fine . Unless you abtauchst therefore deeper than about 1 meter that is no problem. However, one should go with a cold NIE into the water.

Diagnosis? Ohrenpfropf? Sudden deafness? So the question is difficult to answer.

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