I Do it right at my dog? How do I win trust?

Hey! My dog ​​has a satin me yesterday and we are very close! It comes with a leash clear and runs! Your name she still has not she head ust 2 years and can not dictate follow except "Josie come here baby". She eats wet fodder Real Nature senoiren dog (he may somehow the poultry and lamb tasty and there me for senoiren) that is bad if it eats senoiren fodder? Your breath smells very strict we have of this Teeth pedigre something brought, she eats not (I do not make too) what can I do against your breath? I know the question is stupid but it is not properly housebroken. Should I again today with her out? Although I have been here before 20min? Is this food good for them I give? Shall I go on like this? I know too many questions but I want me to be sure that everything is correct ..

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It is only since yesterday as they -Let once arrive. You need calm, understanding, affection, and then comes the confidence.

You must soverän, determined and calm occur, then it is you rely on properly sometime. But that lasts.

From food I am not enthusiastic. In the feed just 24% is (calculated together) dried meat in it plus. 5.5% fish otherwise potatoes, rice and a lot of other stuff. A dog is a carnivore - then he should also get especially meat and not only 24%. When you are finished feed, then you had best wet and give best with at least 70% meat. Apart from this food has only 10% fat. Fat is the energy source for dogs. I think it is too little, because dogs 15-25 should have% fat - depending on energy needs. It may be that it is because it is for seniors.

Dentasticks and Co please leave out - the stuff is absolute rubbish, Partial has sugar in it and makes teeth broken right.

The Your dog smells can have many reasons. It may be due to food, to Magenentzüdungen, other organ problems Analdrüsensekret they be rauskieft, broken teeth, tartar (also up 2 years) and more ...

Let it check at the vet. Finding nothing, it's the food. You should change the way or forage, would be best Barfen (Raw Food) see eg barfers.de. Otherwise, as already written 70% meat content.

If not housebroken, then so proceed as a puppy. Every few hours out and after eating, waking up etc, and Dolle praise when done outdoors. Please do not scold if drins happens

The same applies to the education - playful sit and practice etc.. Motivating Through treats, toys or simply by sweet voice.

If you get stuck - go to dog school.


Your breath smells very strict we Teeth of this pedigre something brought

Please feed not feed from the discounter, no pedigree, that's all food that is not healthy because it contains too much grain. Cereals make dogs sick. Feed a high-quality forage as Wolfsblut or Platinum, this food has a high proportion of meat. Or better yet, would you dog Barfen. Inform yourself about BARF times on the Internet.

the bad breath can have various causes, such. as teeth or stomach illness, you should go to the vet and let see also should be examined by a veterinarian, the dog, in what state of health he is otherwise.

If the dog is not housebroken, go out more often, late at night again and go out at night, this procedure as a puppy.


Congratulations to feed your dog !!! Everything good for you!

Your breath smells very strict we Teeth of this pedigre something brought,

Please give her no Denta Stix or the like ... The acts as if you were you brush your teeth with a cola Lolli ...

The bad smell from the nose can be caused by bad teeth - or even from past bad food from her stomach. That you should soon be clarify at the vet.

Should I again today with her out? Although I have been here before 20min?

Yes, definitely ... go do it again with her out before you want to go to bed ...

Real Nature's ok ... if she is accustomed to ... But see to it that she gets a variety of "adult" ... And then do once thought to BARF - feeding - that would be ideal for any dog!

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