I do not know if I love him ..

Hi, I'm in a relationship for a year and 8 months. Now for 6 months I am in the United States, I make a foreign year. I stay 3/4 more months. In the first few months in the US, we have a lot of written and skyping, but now after calming time we hardly write because I have to concentrate on life here. He writes to me still every day, but I will not answer him every day. Now as you can see, he really loves me and I am him totally important and so .. But I do not remember whether I feel the same for him. I could imagine earlier without him no life and I loved it more than anything. But now I weiaß no longer really what it looks like. I can imagine very hard, have clear iCh a photo of him, but he has probably already changed, because he abnehmt. And that bothers me somehow when he writes, "when you're back, is first blacklist '___'." Is to me somehow too childish, sometimes it behaves like a little child. He always talks about the future with me. How many children we have and where we live. Is also yes on one side beautiful. But I do not know if I want to be with him. Sometimes he annoys me. Do you think it is ne phase or it is because I have so long not seen him? This is not the first time that I rumgrübel way. Had this before, but it has settled somewhat after calming time.

Do you think it is for the better or abroad year you see there no future. I myself do not know. Would I know it, I would not have posted here. That's why I need your advice. Oh I am 17 years, female and my friend 18 years old.

(And what is me upset that he never delivers on its promise. He promised me as his license to do this month, but he does not ..)

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In your question I'm reading actually (and improperly) anything about it, that speaks for this relationship. Normal can be found in such postings still one or the other instruction relating to sensation or so - in your not. Is that all even noticed? This could be an indication that you really riding a dead horse. That one should descend from the, I need it to say not now.

But judging it times itself from this aspect ago. Is there still a sense or not? If not, a terrible end is just often better than vice versa. And would a real coup for both of you - even for him. lg

Remote are generally difficult bezihungen I had a remote we bezihung were 4 years until the same happens along like you who I would make the conclusion I feel much better now you have no feelings mer

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