I do not know if I should dare this step. 'Perhaps gives me yes who en Arschtritt to help

Hello everybody

For the first time for me am male around 25 am for more than 7 years of chronic depressive, have unfortunately hardly friends (rather online acquaintances) ve got a vocational qualification. In my first year journeyman unfortunately had an accident at work and had to retrain. Working now for over 1 1/2 years in office makes me fun. In my head usually goes always to: Think ans creativity -> Suicide Thoughts - listening> Music -> Work -> Food -> Movies -> PC-> etc. I so often about everything what then gives zero sense think or thousands possibilities of what might happen the same. Come Cheff now I can and check with him or the representatives never come finally ...... Did I actually thought about my future made or the like.

Now I have had but for several weeks often do with a colleague, you find quite nice and would like to spend your time. Only I have no plan what to do Ask me you could destroy it all, I'll nix nix could happen or anything. Same if goes wrong as Reacts on it (or workmates) My head thinking already about things to what we could do together, or what might happen.

Sorry if that sounds like botch isses unfortunately XDDDD

At least I can still laugh at me

The best answer

hi, nice to see you :) even humor. You do not need her so confess your love is equal. eg could you for any help from you reciprocate or you could bet something with it. eg if you lose. invite you to a something. If you win, they must invite you to something you. If they are interested, arises because then privately sure something, if not, then you have not said anything for now times .......... LG and Happy, Korinna

Just ask if you want to drink in the break a coffee time. Is not binding and a nice touch, trust yourself!

Ask them easily if you want to do something. Man you've been through so much since you hardly be beaten as a trifle what? Ask her whether during the break or after work if she Young and ... You know yes. Vg

Thank you for your answers.

Although I still have fear to the answer or the consequences but it can not go on like this, if I ignore it I'd only more suffering as I shall see you every day.

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