I do not know what to do? scratch

I started to scratch me and I'm at the moment simply does not depend on. And I can not really talk to someone about it because there are just people who do not have experience and who do not understand me .. because they were never in this situation. I just feel really not good at the moment ... I have spoken already with my psychologist about it but oh well but he was never in this situation and know not how I feel ...

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Perhaps you are trying times your mother to entrust, maybe she was formerly sometimes in the situation, and has himself does not dare to talk to someone.

A psychologist is in such cases also be fancy, and can really help you.

A friend of mine has also scored and is then compared in the school to trust teacher that helped her.

glg cinderella

Go ahead, if you disfigured your whole life with scars running around like. You scratches you, you are responsible for your body and your health. Then you take care also about you and listen.

This had a friend of mine sometimes, I've helped you;). I know that's how eigendlich also have a lot of problems but that's why I do not carve me. In your place I would try to listen to, try it once.

Of course, you can understand none. Of course, you can not even help a trained professional with years of experience.

And you know why?

Because you will not let you in truth help.

People in your environment, as well as psychologists and therapists can only help you if you allow it from you out.

The statement that you have a time to speak with a professional about it clearly shows that you do not want here to people that will help you, but for like-minded, with which you can keep Emo wreath and common curse the world.

So I'm sorry, but the only person able to help you in this case (when you're ready to let you help), are professionals, so psychologists / inside and therapist / inside of all levels.

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