I do not want to be an alcoholic

I have since beginning of the month every day at least 4 beers and 4 slightly harder drinks drunk (sometimes more). Last month there were 5 days a week, before NEM half year it was 3-4 days a week ... Actually 3-4 even ne benevolent estimate.

After strict medical criteria, I'm definitely a Alki, but I think that addiction is something relative .... Physically I feel no withdrawal symptoms, but if I nen day actually drink times nothing but turn I for mentally at the wheel.

Anyway, I'm now completely sober, but I have the whole evening yet absolutely done nothing useful, because I almost every minute already obsessively thinking about now, if I was not still want to open a bottle or not.

The booze makes me the way also no fun anymore like before. I feel this does not get any better when I've been drinking, but just dazed and demoralized because I know that are rich and healthy hurt me and that it depends me from tackling important problems and to pursue goals that I look for have put my personal life.

How do I stay sober? Simply buy not take alcohol does not help in an emergency I run also at 23 o'clock to the gas station. Wegpacken also does not work well, because I know that I can turn at any time to my junk ..

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I find it very commendable and good that you recognize a problem affecting up "alcohol" and dissociate you from want in which you are looking for solutions. I think if it is acceptable to you, you should briefly advise contact your doctor of you then relevant institutions can demonstrate an outpatient basis where you can proactively make you well aftercare deliberated and can possibly vote therapeutic measures.

I think that just at such a serious risk of addiction a professional consulting team should be involved the professionally supportive stand by your side. Since you indeed added the subject mentally, I would you also recommend a therapist who vlt you in cooperation with the. can future physicians / therapists provide mental stability in which he accompanies you also (as an outpatient).

What do you mean, these are for you acceptable options?

Best wishes and greetings FD

because I almost every minute already obsessively thinking about now, if I was not still want to open a bottle or not.

unfortunately that is the addiction!

Once so germinates a thought, in the same second, displacing him, do not think it over!

Pretend as if everything, as always! All OK! Lenke you up mentally, as here answering questions!

And homage every day without alcohol! Tschacka going! Always think positive! Just think of what you've already done, you put not a temporal goal!

Hello, I can give you only one piece of advice: please search quickly Suchtberatungsstelle on .... the problem is apparently already available to you. I am recovering alcoholic and have been for several years ... have been through the same or a similar development .... Good luck

Well, from the amount consumed her you're already classified as such. The only question is: what do you really want? Want to stop drinking or do you like to "controlled" drinking? If you are an alcoholic, it's over with the controlled drinking. One way to find out if you're dependent, Bucer a längerren period (4 weeks) daily drinking 2 beers and no longer swallow. Failing that, if you einknikckst, you have definitely a problem. As you continue to act then, you have to see for yourself. If you want to stop, you have the possibility of clinical detoxification (about the doctor), then therapy (Bucer pension insurance) and / or attending a support group. I myself am for 27 years dry at AA. But there are a number of other facilities (Blue Cross, Good Templars, or private insurers). Find it easy out. And when are you bad enough with the alcohol, then you will certainly do what, because there are only two choices: continue drinking, stop taps or jail and cemetery doer and conduct a normal life. Until then: Good luck!

Take time to contact a support group for alcoholics! There you will responses from professionals, you understand, because they themselves have experienced what you are experiencing! The answers of 'professionals' here, who can not know how you're doing, you can not help.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Blue Cross, and Guttempler Kreuzbund are support groups for alcoholics. You also will gladly provide information if you would like, just ask.

Alcoholics Anonymous have, for example, a button 'emergency' on their website where you can ask with an anonymous email address everything.

Alcoholism is curable, but a prerequisite for successful therapy is the strong will of the person concerned to want to break away from alcohol. Forced therapies have been conducted only in extremely rare cases to success.

The health insurance companies offer different treatment options, which are usually carried out in the form of psychological and social therapy detoxification cures.

Helping acts with regular alcohol intake of vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, biotin and niacin, should also be made for the inclusion of sufficient magnesium - because alcohol is a "magnesium robbers" - the magnesium deficiency causes anxiety - can this inner restlessness access to alcohol again. Who accesses instead of a magnesium effervescent tablet can interrupt this vicious circle.

In the diet should be dispensed meat mostly, it is offering fish and poultry on. Carrots, as well as Champions and broccoli are also recommended.

You are apparently already landed at a stage where you should seek professional help you best. Alone will no longer provide the bounce.

It would be a start, you deal with your problems, do not know what you charged. Listen to like to wear when you want? In any case you need a contact person. All love for you

perhaps helps: alcohol is a poison, do you want to poison you so that your body and your social contacts are ruined? Man is not born a alki, so he has to go back to what it used to be, a strong human

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