I do not want to "pointless" life. How can I work for other people?

Hello community.

To be honest, I'm currently very good. 19 year old, male, muscular and soon start my studies.

When I see what everything on earth happened (especially Africa), I would like to at least make a small contribution to help others.

But how do I do that? Donate ? I somehow feel that the money anyway arrives where it should arrive.


The best answer

my honest opinion on this? supporting more homeless with us ... or retired ... are in de enough miserable even if one looks like over it

Many organizations that count. I know small projects in Gambia, who live only by donations. 100 euros a year can make from an illiterate a man who has a chance. Or an organization that for over 20 years to be committed to abolish female genital mutilation. Or equip small clinics with the essentials. Because you can really afford real help!

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Tags: social society

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