I exaggerate when the whole thing?

Hey guys so it comes I have quarreled with my girlfriend and from today they responded really childish with the thing! It's just a pretty private matter, however, the dispute is not really big but on Whatsapp the so Posted I can not see when it was last online (Blocks has me but not). I wanted to ask if it would be okay to write to her mother on it and ask when they will be home. It is currently still with a friend on the go but wrote me that she anschreibt me as soon as they will be at home. I must say that I am very like her parents and I get along very well with those. Before that, it was with us truly only then stop this thing. The dispute started since Friday night. Do you find I'm exaggerating or it would be okay to write her mother? I tend halt often to have exaggerated ideas. She is 16 and I 18th

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Just have patience UDN let her the freedom she needs. Can indeed times briefly nacchhaken in itself, to say that you like to wait for them, but it is going to XX pm to bed because tomorrow is Monday

If she says she writes to you when it is returned, it will do that too. Let merely out there if you put value on it to tolerate her mother you again. And a good relationship is characterized not from that one never argues, but that one can reasonably deal with it :)

What has to do her mother it? Lass'das remain bare, otherwise the wars with friendship!

In no case the mother, or their parents, to be drawn into Eueren dispute with.

I would ask you, as your friend most blame. Just wait. Logon already. You're not a little kid runs to his parents and asks to intervene.

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