I fear responsibility, what to do?

hello, my problem is as described in the title fear of consequences / responsible. I can handle it no more. I'm in an education and now for 8 weeks sick, I was in the time 3 times in the adult education and missing completely in the work, I will send only the sick note pure and not call you and hope that best. I have a slight protection therefore my education from office is paid .. but still useable. I just can not call penetrate it or to go because I just I know will be accosted by my boss just stupid, insulted and bullied. I get panic states if I wake up and think to go .. why I can not do to overcome me? or why I have such a fear?

The best answer

You're afraid of bullying, there thou hast that unfortunately already experienced with your boss, it is quite natural that you're afraid of something. It will surely be someone in charge of your education. Either at work or even at the vocational school. With the one you should talk about your problem with the boss. She has no right to treat you so bad Maybe that can be controlled so that from now on another employee is responsible for you and you have nothing to do with this woman. And if this problem is solved first, then you will also have no longer afraid to go to work.

... And completely lacking in the work

I will then accosted just stupid from my boss, insulted and bullied.

You've you totally into it increased unknown in something. How do you know how your boss behaves towards you if you've never been in the workplace? Stop So, you fancy something or yourself kidding yourself.

Go to vocational school. There you get to know their peers and in addition to the learning you have certainly a lot of fun. This also has the advantage that it can you take away the fear. Go to work and let yourself be surprised positively. Even in the workplace can be with nice colleagues have fun. Chefs can incidentally also be very nice. Anger are everywhere once. The must not take so seriously.

You'll be proud of you when you have overcome you and actively taking part in the training! :-)

All the best and have fun with your training - both at work and in the vocational school!

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