I get after October child support?

Short to me: I studied from 2012 to 2014 to become a teacher and then canceled. Since December 2014 I am completing a voluntary internship until 01.05.2015, 21 am and will end the year 22nd

Until 30.03. Was I still a student so registered no problems because of the child support. As of October, I would like to study social work or early childhood education. bridge child support is indeed four months and for me it's really six .. if I now get more from May Krins, I get back in October that if I start my studies?

am very confused, thank you.

The best answer

From studying the beginning definitely or possibly from a binding agreement child benefit could be paid back. It must be requested again.

When October, is the next possible start of training. Child allowance is paid to the next possible start of training during training search or in the waiting time, but that is proven. If necessary, shall be paid retroactively.

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