I get further child benefit? qwze

Hello, I'm jz 18 and will soon start with 2 friends a Wg. Now I wanted to ask if I still get child benefit if I no longer live at home and am in training? PS: I have read that I can apply it myself until I'm in training and 25.

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Child benefit you is to not later than the beginning of the training / study if you do not 25 you still and parents receive no child support and no longer live with them!

Then you can itself make a request for child support, can indeed indicate that the parents refuse to fill these and to make sure you still apply for diversion of the child benefit.

You get more child support, as long as you are in training (U25), but apply yourself you can do it only if your parents no maintenance paid at least the same height or refuse to pass it on to you. Then you can make a Abzweigungsantrag if you live alone.

Otherwise it get further your parents and pass it on to you then stop.

Yes, as long as you are in a training you can receive child benefit longer. I mean the limit was there at 23 years.

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