I get money for a hospital stay?

Hello dear community.

2 weeks ago I was released from a stationary detoxification an FO device. I was 17 days.

Last week I received then a letter from said clinic in the stand that when I was released I still have a balance of 550 € on my "patient account", and I still ask would send my bank account of the finance department of the fiber optic house, so this my transfer amount. I thought it is intended for a technical error, but still shipped from jux my bank details. Today I then presented with a large (!) Firmly surprise that me the sum was paid.

However, I have never paid to such "patients account" and no one else from my family, etc. Friends told me now that you get money for it when you participate in such a "measure", but which seems to me quite illogical.

I'm going to wait and see and not touch the money, but still would like to know if any of you has there already had experience with.

Do you think there is a technical error was, and they demand the money back soon? I am happy about every answer and / or speculation.

LG Dragon

The best answer

Why do not you ask to see if this is all legal. Then you know for sure if you can use the money. Turning to the so the fiber optic device.

In your place I would ask there times. After it's still you did it on purpose or something done and then you have afterwards ne display at the neck. So better you inform yourself good times at the clinic :) All :)

Did I also never heard!

neither do I

I bet on technical errors. This is something I've never heard and there is no money for a hospital stay. But vielleich you have a secret admirer ...! ;-)

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