I got my period. Tampons? Tie?

Hey, I'm 13 and abe now get my day. Unfortunately forcing our swimming instructor us to use tampons. Can they?

And if I do that I'm afraid of. That hurts?

LG Michelle

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No ... it can not force you, man can dictate anyone what he has to take.

When swimming, it is of course useful because with bind is not yes.

Not everyone loves Tampins and not everyone gets them purely for the 1st time.

If your teacher is unreasonable, then you let your mother to write an apology.

Good succeed :-)

You can not force you to use anything but to go swimming when you have your period without tampon is disgusting (for others). And just do not swim with, and does not, because the refusal was, and is usually assessed with ner bad grade. (A letter of apology because your parents could remedy).

And normally that inserting a tampon does not hurt. Mir hats not anyway. It is important that you here is relaxed, if cramped, it is uncomfortable and / or painful. For starters, there's mini tampons, which are very thin (but need to be changed more often). And if the fear have that introduction with you, why should always also not work, you can first see if you can insert a finger. If that goes, will come with a tampon.

I am 13 and have the same used at the first time tampons. In the beginning was the relax not so easy

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