I have 5 kilos increased just sad :(

Hello I am 16 years old. Am 1.65 tall and have weighed half a year ago still 66th Since few months but my weight has increased radically and currently I weigh 71.Ich'm just sad and not know what to do. Since my training I eat simply more and it shows up on my clothes because they have all become close. What am I to do? Since 2 weeks I jog too but that makes no sense if one is as previously. I even thought that is the increase in the muscle building, but I'm just myself something ... I've ever made a diet and 4 kilos but she strikes again. It's so awful I feel so uncomfortable and I even cry on. I know that it may change again by diet and exercise, but I'm always wrong so that it comes to yo-yo effect. I need help ... Does anyone have an idea how to get back on my weight? I need serious answers and can not use insults. Thank you very much.

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If you do not work hard you will not see any results. And sport is important and good, but effectively you exercise less "weight" than is assumed away. Diet is everything. A diet or light / eat nothing is harmful because then the yoyo effect occurs and the body suffers. It really helps only the change of diet. Way of fries, fast food, pizza, greasy and too much. For water instead of juice and soft drinks and salad and fruit. In the long term, not just for a week! :)

Diets bring anything. Although when removing is also sports of troubles, but at 70% it is the diet that off you and can increase. But you do sports, is already great. I have in six months lost 8 kilos in which I have placed on healthy eating. Eat plenty of fruits (especially for breakfast) and eat you always tired (avoiding wheat products for you to achieve any Sättigkeit). Nutella, ketchup and other should be deleted once, cream cheese and vegetable sauce is the same but much healthier! The important thing is actually that you eat you always full, so you do not let yourself be seduced by other, most still unhealthy things. You can still five times a day to eat, but healthy. You will notice that you will feel much more comfortable with a healthy diet. is losing weight then just be a great side effect. I wish you luck. :)


I know the feeling for me it is so I'm not as thick but will thus again become thinner because I have so an app that's bikini figure Sir is good and so are you one probably more I do, the app always when I'm bored and evening it can try so times

71kg are really a doomsday: o Nee seriously, there are worse, 71 are not much.

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