I have a big problem and I worry because I have my pill forget often and dadurc

got my days earlier than they were 2-3 days days then past I had unprotected sex is stupid I know that he has not come but if the so-called "drip loss" came I do not know ... two days after that I go to the doctor and the pill got myself then I should get in 2 weeks my days ... but I did not get, and now have to wait until Monday because I do at the doctor a pregnancy test but it can not be that the days at the usual time come?

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In this mess, you have to take a pregnancy test in any case. You take the pill, too (though obviously not reliable), so you do not have "days" that could show you whether you are possibly pregnant.

If you take the pill, the Blutunng in the pill break can also turn times, which usually means nothing.

In this respect: Take the test at your gynecologist, and please talk to him sometimes about another contraceptive. Perhaps this is the Nuvaring right for you, the one can not forget.

The "days" under the influence of - even or especially irregular - pill say absolutely NOTHING from a pregnancy. You are NOT a sure sign that you are NOT pregnant. Already with your first irregularity the pill was then quite a wise idea.

The Lusttropfen adhere to many myths. Medical / biological fact is that it is ascertained that contains no sperm. He comes from a very different gland. He runs through the same drainage system. The boys have only one dissipating tube for urine, sperm and Präejakulat. We women have more. It may therefore be that more sperm from a previous ejaculation or a retained ejaculate (who it is at the stage still can :)) is in the urinary passages. Therefore one can fertilization by this ominous Lusttropfen not be eliminated 100%, but the risk is low.

At regular time comes there now nothing. Everything is messed up. Wait until Monday. What else you can do.

Greetings S.

it looks as if the pill is not for you, since you often forgets times. let yourself but advise your gynecologists what better is appropriate for you, possibly Depo-Provera, or what there is still that way. because the best pill can nunmal not protect you if woman does not take it;)

If you do not take the pill correctly, you can get pregnant, so far so good. And two days after that until the pill is to be taken after very late, so there is the possibility of pregnancy. That your bleeding is absent normal, you have your body so much to be muted. The morning after pill is a hormone bomber, and leaves your blood flow come naturally delayed;) And finally: search are you a better prevention, as irresponsible as you handle me the pill you certainly not ready for a child ..

Have you then feel secure that you have then also taken the pill and remember?

Wait a minute off easy if you are unsure. A pregnancy test you can also make in four months, also in four weeks. Talk it out with your mom, so she sets out in the morning the pill next to the bread and butter. Condoms are also more handy and also protect them from diseases.

"The morning after pill" is like an abortion and a significant intervention in the hormonal balance. That because everything is confused, is actually normal but not healthy.

Go to the doctor, let's examine you, on pregnancy, and discuss which contraceptives could come for you in question with him. The pill does not seem!

I'm 100% sure I I took the morning after pill have taken them directly when I was at the door ... but is more likely to be greater or less that I'm pregnant what do you think ?? So I'm at least Maybe down somewhat; /

Hello jackiykk,

if you're so forgetful, you should always make only with a condom,

otherwise you run the risk of being pregnant.

And with whom I do not know whether he came or did not come,

there can be no reliance. For if you still fear and do you always

large accusations and hast no more fun to enjoy it,

You should discuss with the doctor another contraceptive. LG.KH.

Write down the best always. What times and all the trimmings then you can not forget. Greeting, Soeber

The condom is better than the pill because it protects against disease. All hormonal contraceptives have ample side effects and they should not take too long. If you want even children, you make the pill does not take too long, because it may be that you 10 years pill, difficulties have become pregnant after approx MUST BUT NOT. For topical issue: talk to your Gyn about other contraceptive methods but also use condoms. There are so many Gechlechtskrankheiten! By unprotected sex are the again increased. ...

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