I have a cold

Need help.

I have a cold, I can against snuff and sneezing do?

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when a cold is on its way, then comes the even. One often says: 3 days it takes 3 days she stays and 3 days it will go - you have a little over a week to order "fight".

The following home remedies do not fight the common cold, but can definitely help to alleviate the symptoms:

Sore throat:

  • warm milk with honey soothes the throat
  • with chamomile inhale for about 15 minutes
  • gargle with salt water; should be repeated every 2-3 hours
  • Chocolate - melt a bit in the mouth and then swallow

Cough is annoying and can be quite painful with time also. From personal experience I can say that onion juice works best. Here there are various kinds of the preparation. More budget cough are:

  • also milk with honey again (but only with a dry cough - cough slimy slimy milk even more)
  • 6 diluted with warm water: sea buckthorn syrup in the ratio 1
  • refrain from smoking if you smoke
  • Air moisten if the air is too dry - put cup of water on the heating
  • sounds funny, but pay attention to your feet warm; cold feet lead to lower body temperature - viruses and bacteria is facilitated by the settlement
  • Neck warm - wearing scarf

Generally you should drink at influenza infections much - mainly tea.

Paracetamol 500 can be taken as well. The help on the one against the pain and the other with fever / high temperature. But should not be a permanent condition and the recommended daily dose not exceed!

In a stuffy nose it is healthier "pull" instead auszuschnauben - snorting irritates the mucous membranes pretty. Nasal spray seawater base helps quite well. But not more than 8 days take otherwise the risk of dependency.

You should also provide fresh air - the window can not be permanently open, but several times a day air for about 10 minutes and make sure that one does not stand on the train.

Should not subside the symptoms, then consult a doctor.

Get well...

For nasal congestion using a nasal spray. Otherwise, wait and see, in a week is the colds away.

Get well.

Where you need help? Runny nose and sneezing is part of the common cold, as you can hardly make out what recuperate. Lie in bed and let you betütteln that helps quite nicely.

Nasal spray reinmachen, making a nasal irrigation, etc.

keep a lot of drinking, warm

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