I have a Mandelstein swallowed, how do I get him out?

Hey folks, I have from time to time tonsil stones which I then always spit out. Now, however, it was so that I have to accidentally swallowed down: / I feel the neck somehow he slowly comes up but once I swallow it slides back down, that is so disgusting and annoying. I even tried to somehow with my fingers out of there to pick up, but did not really :( My question how do I get the out of there because it by itself because of I do not away -.-

The best answer

I would but what little food chew so he of the food with is down pushed into the stomach

Maybe eat or drink something with it goes into the stomach :)

So luckily no mango stone. lucky.

Eat a large, coarse-chewed piece of dry bread. Then would have to be eaten in swallowing literally your problem.

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