I have a question about plotme / premissions

Hey, I have a problem with the plugin Plotme. If I as a server owner Enter H with OP / plotme car I get a gs. But if a user enters the no OP is there Permissions Denied. I have even taken me to test and it did not go to players. Then I have given op and it went. Can only be done as the Op? Or Can anyone give all Plotme so I can set the permissions. Thank you :).

if you still intresiert not mine the server which belongs to only one friend that's why I can not access bukkit.org auh:

The best answer

TeamSpeak 3 I have. My name KirbyFreak

ok I've flipcoaler now on skype geaddet take to dan we can talk

Liber filipcoaler, I do not have skype hätest you teamspeack 3 if so mall come to sushicraft.net or sushicraft-ts.de

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