I have anorexia? I'm worried

Hi so I'm 14 and have always underweight. However, I find beautiful women recently drought and would even be really skinny ka why. Others also say that I'm crazy and I see fat where there is none. When I eat at the last time I feel sick and I weigh myself every hour I'm worried I'm "pro-ana" or whatever it's called

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Hello! Whether this is just a phase we can not judge. Anorexia always runs over the head. There are anorexics who still have normal weight and even that overweight and underweight - which are not anorexic - from genetic or medical reasons. Take care of yourself. I have learned with dismay that it has asked such questions 2 years ago no longer is a girl. This is a life lost too much

I wish you all the best.

hey just walk me! best you try you always convince that you're not fat! Also you can calculate you the doctor and your bmi. But the internet is not, which is most fully exaggerated.

i may go no expert but it sounds strongly thereafter to ... I would see a doctor

I think this is quite normal in the age that you worry more makes around his figure. I'm as hahahahha

How old, how big and how heavy are you?

This is my character

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