I have fallen in love wircklich over the Internet?

Comes from a friend. :

I am a girl and 17 & I have a question to you and that I write jetz with a boy about 5 months, first, it was so perfect between us, we have so often telephoned and so on. I micj not ashamed in front of him and we have always written but in letster tent it is so resistant, he writes not only rarely zurrück. He had also once a girl as your profile picture, I do not know what's going on and he only says: There was nothing between us and so on, it also has rights but it hurt me a lot and I never thought that I fall in love over the Internet could. Do you think that is an illusion, or I have really fallen in love? I have been devastated ..

The best answer

I think it's quite possible that you fell in love over the Internet!

It would not be quite as abwägig after what you have described .... So I would simply now say: Yes!

I do not know how much and so but I do think that you're in love

Of course you can be in love, even over the Internet. Have you seen you before? Because the chemical should also vote for real. Write and talk is great, but the right feelings and love only arise in real life.


If that hurt you with the profile picture, then you're really in love! ;) And of course you can fall in love over the Internet.

Greetings, Dreams97

No this is not imagination, you can actually build very strong feelings

but he could write after 5 months, the interest also lose

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