I have friends with a bet on the run, but we are still looking for a suitable punishment can you help us?

We are looking for an awkward, not öfdendliche penalty. THANKS We thought whoever put loser has a dress and a day every other use, we are all the guys is the penalty for bad answer many thanks for many. THANK YOU

The best answer

If it fits in the dress and it is not made public. Is it ok I think

I read all the answer and told the others but now they have the criminal time reduced to 6 hours, but we have together changed the first dress (provided the new dress for disposal, the sister of my pals) to rebuke about keeping DC also has the second loser wear the other dress that is ever ok? At least one must rebuke not alone bear (bet in 7 persons who participated)

Watch you 2 girls one cup at!

Is ok hhaha

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