I have my graphics card connected properly

I bought before the short Asus AMD R7 250X 2GB GDDR5. I have it connected as normal. The first game I wanted to gamble was Minecraft but I only had to flatland 100 FPS although the graphics card promises more and I've been playing with the idea I have been wrongly inserted a.

Onboard: GA-A55M-S2V OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Old GraKa: AMD Radeon 6400D

Thank you in advance

The best answer

Do not worry you've done everything right does your graphics card a Automatic FPS Max number of the FPS on max 100 represents avoid time current fluctuations because more power = more power ... if you always stagger 1-200 FPS goes, your PSU broken

How about to install the AMD driver and screw the 3D options down ;-)

Minecraft settings make to infinity FPS.

if you connect them incorrectly, it is not at all or makes any noticeable.

Does your motherboard onboard graphics? If so off.

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