I have no more motivation how can I change that?

Hi, Have a cosmic question. The last time I have no motivation in anything. I may have a plan do I have to do everything and but should then I do not do it. I do not understand the will's there ... but anything then makes it I will not do it resists. And at school (Gymnasium) I always do everything in the last minute. How can I änderen or do you have that too'm ever had very grateful for your advice.

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Before you sit down at an object, you should be clear about the following once: Do what you have to do, really be done? This may sound strange, but sometimes we lock ourselves against an object, because we subconsciously feel that this task is not so important that this task is unnecessary or that it should but kindly make someone else.

Therefore Decide at the beginning clearly for or against this object. Perhaps you can delegate it? Maybe it really is not that important? Then let it be.

Talking yourself in no case ever even one that you eg "can not focus" is, or that you "be the task never cope". To program itself to have no desire to fail or continue to be unmotivated. If you can not turn your thoughts, write them if necessary even on a piece of paper and tearing it then. This is a cleansing ritual that can free us from tormenting thoughts.

Even better: They convince themselves that you "the task fun," that they "done quickly is", or that it is "a breeze". Even if you do not believe you program so your subconscious mind to the new useful ideas and already are you these thoughts passed into flesh and blood.

Many people can be motivated by a deadline. If the deadline pressure is greater, they can make a sudden without any problems and without rags to work. You can also use this for yourself by putting yourself dates for your tasks. And not just in your closed doors. Wear these dates in your calendar, like other business meetings also. Talking about it with others. Write down the dates on Post-it Notes and tack it up. To your Wall or to your PC Do not underestimate how powerful effect such appointments set itself, if you are serious and honest with yourself. For larger projects, it is useful to break down the task into subtasks and schedule an appointment for this subtask with itself. To prevent you from starting until three days before the expiry date of a task whose execution usually lasts three weeks.

I know .... I recommend you to make sport of it tankst you enormous Energie.Außerdem they made us feel much fitter !!!

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