I have sooo afraid of the future?

Not because of money worries or so but because ... what shall I call it? I describe "it" -Tiersterben; die every day from many animal species! Other species not find food more and change their behavior, eating conspecifics, attacking people (have a Kalmar documentary seen extremely !!) Bee example are extremely important! -Klimawandel, The climate is going crazy !! The ozone hole is bigger! The sea goes crazy, ice ages, extreme heat -Haufen as garbage, everywhere; in all -Atomstrom -Kriege, heaps of dead -AND AND AND => We DESTROY our planet !!! The change still is impossible! It is already too late! We slaughter from us and our environment. We destroy EVERYTHING. Our planet, creatures !! I do not want to live in a gray, dead world without plants, animals! The technique proceeds voran..ist maybe good, but we have learned to film from the future ?! Scientists have proved that it is possible that technology eventually developed an awareness! I would not damn! But SO MUCH to make amends is impossible! oh, when you get now with "go to a psychologist" No! I do not do! the talk all well and tuen as if everything is fine, I was in enough that nerves only! oh and God will not protect us :) finally had it, if there were him, a very long time to do!

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Hello! You're lying all right. it is schlimm.Früher man lived in harmony with nature - today he is everything - and even themselves - to destroy. 100 animal species, it can die every day, in 3 years, the forest is destroyed in size of Germany. And of course, playing with the diet. Half of the world's grain harvest and 80% of the soybean crop is fed. Germany alone annually imports 5.3 million tonnes of feed soy. For meat production you need a multiple of feed. Demand for meat is increasing -> demand for feed increases - rising> grain prices -> people are starving. If all people eat as much meat as we in the industrialized countries, it would take the world 3 times more agricultural land than now. All Studies from the US, UK and Germany. And was something like this already in the TV ARD / ZDF said and shown. Quote: We are about to delete the hard disk of the planet. And meat consumption helps because with busy. Meat eating country - also says the WWF in a study. Nevertheless, you should not fall into Pank - we need young people like you. More and more - is our chance.

I wish you a beautiful Sunday

I think it's really good that you're thinking like a ,, normal "person! I hate it that animals suffer because of us! I see you and you're not sick! But I am sure that very many are the Tierlieb think the same ... but more, we can not make

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