I have to feel too little friends

Hi, I have 2 really good friends with whom I meet more often. I also have other friends with whom I also do something not so often. My problem is that I sit at home in the afternoon and got bored. I meet really happy with people and am happy in large circles but I did not meet very often with my friends and often feel alone. My friends also meet more often with friends than me. I actually have to make no problems contacts. I would also like to meet me more often with my friends, but either are already agreed or do not have time and I then always feel that I am alone and have few friends. Do I perhaps find more friends and if so how? Please help me. Perhaps you know my problem and can help me. Lg Svenja :)

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There are already really good answers, especially that it makes more sense to have fewer friends, but really good. You do not get two. The many other drumrum are usually more or less close acquaintances or is loose friendships.

How about because if you get zulegst Hobbies for the times when you feel alone? That could yet absolutely be something that has to do with people. Some people with a handicap are pleased also huge when someone helps them or some company makes. Or you join a group of things makes that you are also. Sport or what creative or what languages ​​with ... LG

Investigations revealed that people with 2 good friends are happier than those with many friends. More friends care for stress and depression, while 2 really good friends (max) cause the exact opposite.

Quality not quantity.

Hi :) I can understand you ... I feel the same way .. I sometimes correct depri phases where I think to myself I have no friends and so because I am very bored real :( if you want you can write me yes: )) I would be glad :))

Love svenja,

the problem have meisten.Aber honestly? Dear 2 real friends than 1000 false friends who have never time for yourself or sowas.Freunde come and simply gehen.Warte from :-)

Less is sometimes more.

In life, to have a correct friend is better than 1000 false friends.

Wow. I'm really just.

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