I have to get home! :(

Hey guys, I have to ubbunbedingt home off since the relations between me and my family simply are really bad ... rather I have not a bad relation to my parents but I have at least 2 times a week such disputes with them that I the rest the week just'm nurnoch ready and that I remember very in Education performance: / this is that I have an extremely handicapped relation to my younger brother this bullying me and mentally ready make. The trouble is that my parents always think they had what done about it, but their attempts do not help. The only ones to which I have a really good relationship are my older sisters but those living far away. I need to know if I can take off under these conditions with almost 17 home necessarily :(

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Try to talk to them with 17 you need the confirmation from your parents that you take off allowed to

Spontaneously I would say, try it out at the Youth Office.

Since there is - as far as I know - certainly ways to help you, something like ne 'homestay' move into a kind of WG or.

Since you're not alone 'cared' for now and continue by someone adult, but you can come to rest and steer your life in the right direction without being constantly annoyed by a little brother and the like on the one hand there.

Trust yourself, if you mean to do that, your favorite teacher at, so the, the you give vertauen most. Ask him / her for help; vlt., helps a unterstüzende intercession by a teacher who you indeed can assess the youth department at a decision regarding. a extrafamilial accommodation.

Cheer up, it will come.

Well without permission you're nowhere draw out alone up to 18th When you're 18 you can decide it then. Best red with your Ellis times about the situation as they think about it. Good luck :)

Hello !

As you go time best for Jugendamt and shalt diligently whether you because you can do something, for example, that you come temporarily in a foster family or if there are other solutions.

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