I Heuet must euthanize my dog ​​with 17 years ....

.... I am very sad and the pain can barely ertragen.Ich see it in every room and this void is very schwer.Sie was my everything and vice versa and has accompanied me in all these years everywhere, more and more faithful than many Mensch.Was can I do to make it a little more bearable? I could not even cuddle our Einstein / Mopsjunge at the sister today ...

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My condolences. I know exactly how painful something is, which is an indescribably bad feeling. I also know of what kind of "empty" you speak.

Recently I had my almost 12 year old cat put to sleep, which I had from childhood with me. I have the first nights can push almost no eye.

In the early days you will have your feelings of grief definitely can not greatly improve. Let your sadness running free: talk about it, write about it ...

That's just normal, just suppress these feelings not (as one should never make it up in the whole life).

Be maybe not too often alone at this time. Sports o go. In the fresh air more often .. walking etc. Visit your family, friends

This is not to say that you can not be alone, but on the contrary it takes sometimes its quiet and peaceful mourning in course. It is often, unfortunately, even so, that the whole idea evening come up again in bed. But before that you should not hide.

"Time heals all wounds" is perhaps not saying which is true percent encourages or 100th However, there is already to much.

You shall it be soon feeling better, then you'll find yourself much more smiling at the good times with your dog remember when that sadness out about coming. Rejoice you were able to share a long time of your life with your dog about that. He loved you safe just as you want it and not even now that you are sad.

Keep it in mind, he will forever live on in you.

Memorial things like pictures, toys, pet bowls or similar can help even after a long time to have him still alive at one. If you now in the first time, however first no pictures etc. it would like to have, this is totally understandable also nothing bad.

All the best

my condolences. I had to let go for many dogs and cats and know how painful that is. and I know that you can comfort because no words. have you buried your dog? then repeatedly go to his grave as you like, it helps the grief overcome. take your time for it, no one can tell you when it needs to be back "well". because no one knows how much you meant your dog. 17 years is a very long time, I hope he was healthy until the circuit and had no oaths. then you have experienced with your dog 17 beautiful years that you can not so easily forgotten. you will come upon his death away with time, you will eventually think of his steeiche and laugh about it, but it is also in a few years always happen that you are mindful of him, and thou sad. not displacing these feelings. but be thankful that your dog could be with you for so long, that's something special. I wish you much force.

All the best for you, which is difficult, so a farewell, but as you have probably by. Are you better yet?

My condolences. The only thing you can really do is mourn and think about the beautiful moments .. The second is a little more bearable.

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