I hope you are 3 years a dog

I need your help! I hope you are all 3 years nothing more than a dog! There is nothing ... if not for the problem with my parents who wish to establish a dog. I am fully aware of what the cost, time and etc. regards.
But my parents think I would not get it on the row ... we had already times a dog in the family and we highly of him he cared was all 19 years old. How can I convince my parents about this?
Thanks in advance

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Hello, if your parents ever had a dog and now want no more, it will be hard to change her mind. Maybe you even someone in the neighborhood who is happy if you go for a walk with their dog and occupy yourself. Or you go to the shelter and lead there dogs that are always very happy when she is someone who is reliable.

Hi Jasmine! I can understand why your parents put a dog to the load wollen.Aber you can persuade even a dog more quality of life and joy dazubringt.Außerdem you can say yes, that you can go with the dog for a walk and over and over again kommst.Hoffe in the fresh air that these examples to convince your parents can! LG Peter

Do you have a shelter nearby? Frag doch mal there to see if you can help such as walking the dog, etc. For us this was possible ... That you might help a little time to bridge to your own dog and your parents it shows how seriously you is the whole and that you really take the time to care about you to an animal ...

Not at all. If you do not, then they do not want. I would buy even no, because my child can still so begging. Eventually you grow up, then can you still adopt a dog.

I have really long wanted a dog. But at some point I realized that it takes a long time to complete. You have a dog really pay much attention to. Just think of it if you so much time and desire have really so. Perhaps you can always hang even when friends, relatives, neighbors around, etc. if someone has a dog to automatically take you a week or so take care, then both you and your parents to see if you can deal with a dog. Maybe they think about it then yes otherwise

A dog must be willed by the whole family, or he really is not with you at home.

There is nothing against it.

However, your parents and who indeed call the shots.

Not at all.

It needs the whole family WANT otherwise the dog would not feel comfortable there.

Dogs feel something!

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