I hurt my tailbone

I sit every day about 8 hours on a wooden chair and doing my tailbone hurt so ... Whenever I have to get up get up from her knees as otherwise so strong pain that remains my breath away ... Even though I bend down ... What can one do about it? If I'm at home eg weekend I hurt almost to no ...

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An ergonomic seat cushion could help you, a wedge pillow for example. This is backed by the high side of the chair, the low comes forward to the edge of her chair. First odd but relieved really.

For now, try the steps Storage: Lie on your back and the legs to the chair surface. This relieves enormous, you'll notice immediately. So stay a little lie. Then rumspazieren pretty much legs shake and so - loosen slowly.

Until you have a clever cushion, often stand in between and walk a few steps and make different movements. This one does not rust as easily a)

Then you'll get a nice ergonomic chair - and no wooden chair. People who live for today for 8 hours on a wooden chair?

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