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Hi I have a big problem. Whenever something is pending, I am extremely excited. The already so violently that I get to's abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating violent. An example (match today)

My Brudi and I got ne invitation to the movies. This comes from a good family friend and her godson. When I found out I was excited EXTREME. I could not eat more Pennen and next day, nothing the night then.

What can you do about it. Slowly but surely that's really annoying because I'm excited as I said before each bit.

Thanks for any info ...

The best answer

Try it once with autogenic training. The whole thing is a head history,
where you can take countermeasures.

You have why are you excited to find out. What are you afraid of? to embarrass you? What wrong to say? to be seen? Reason for the excitement is always afraid. So you have to figure out what.

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