I know the young woman three and a half years and love it

Hello in the round,

I am 65 years old and have a 31y.o. old life partner who was divorced a year ago after 9Jahren marriage. My wife passed away 10 years ago and I had until I met the Einunddrei0igjährige have 2011, a relationship with another woman who was the reason for my wife to sterben.ich've tried three times to start last year with my new life partner a new start, 'm hingerannt repeatedly to the old partner in case of problems, but only now realized that I really, really love the young woman from the heart and I want it finds back to me, because I really need. Yesterday we saw each other and I hugged her and I had tears in his eyes. How should I do next?

The best answer

Love the moment with her and I love the moment with her again. Try your hand but not to push in an idea but feel just.

Quick inquiry: Do not you have now broken off contact with your former partner or is it still a consultant for you? That would not be a good basis for a fresh start with the young woman.

So you ne 31 years at the start and another woman to whom you hinrennst if there are problems. I'm confused now .... Who You Love Now your problem solving woman or 31 years? Since you should you be clear about it

Hello Klein Katrin,

the user name according to judge, you are female, however, is not the decisive factor. However, a "good" beginner question. Wink

How should I do next?

Belief that one in a forum a "! Personal" can get advice not sure. Only your heart has to decide only that and you alone.

Greetings Lea

I would be interested, as best they can, that your wife "died" is? Closer I would not go into, but I think you know how it is meant? you write correctly. " the young woman"? but do not mention how she thinks about, she feels just like you, they know of the past? What about its "predecessor"? Have you ended the relationship be final?

I do not understand the problem.

Make a marriage proposal.

which the reason was to die for my wife

oha, that must have been pretty heavy so ...

not that the new woman now dying because of the other?

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