I love ERAGON and am now by the 4th part.

Dear User, or I should say Elda Atra du Evarinya ono Varda So I -today read eragon now all books completed the 4.ten part - and I am really sad that this masterful and truly breath robbing great story has an end, it is perhaps even further if so please write, and please suggest me a book of fantasy art that you think are good if you eragon fandet good! Please convincing not a vampire, again what with elves ware nice. And please give me your opinion about the books ERAGON !!

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Atra esterni ono thelduin first'm a huge fan Eragon did the books I devoured think it is the best book in the world who also is the end not so great my favorite character is Arya

A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin! This is the book series for television series Game of Thrones. There is indeed no elves, but some fantasy creatures. In addition, the story is told there is very exciting:


Hi Eragon Bromsson. Your name says it all. I am also a big fan in eragon have all parts repeatedly Viewed. They are just amazing. Similar to eragon: Lord of the Rings Hobbit Star Wars Warrior Cats (I have not read, but should be very good) Time riders Otherwise there is still that extra book on Alagaësia And the movie, but I in NO (fantastic world Alag.) would watch case. Very bad. Schlammkriecher

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