I love my ex boyfriend still do what?

Hello, So my ex and I broke up two months ago, as we had since other priorities and our relationship just did not work had .. (tests stress uni ..) repays after conclusion was, I have noticed that I love him really. . We have not written .. days two ago but he has suddenly something on my page Facebool geliked .. We are not friends. What does that mean?

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My ex broke up a month ago. Then we made each other down and hated us but loved anyway. Then I lied to him and he then get it outside and was really upset ... since was stopped between us. But a few days ago we aangefangen re typing and to have torn jokes and so ... I'd say that you ever ask him shalt whether you want to be friends. Maybe it works for a time again;)

stay tuned and maybe you mean to him something so ?!

nex to the ex

there is only frustration programmed

because you have to alone through your grief through and something for your life learn from

Schätzelein, I guess he liked the picture. to continue !

He wants you back .. That's a sign! Have I ever made when I my ex again wanted haha

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