I'm bad at sports? Is it because I'm fat?

Question is oben.Ich am 168 tall and weighing 63.3 Female

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Hello: Again: Your weight is still fed in the normal weight.

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There probably want someone's attention, that she is not fat.

No, you're not fat and lying in the normal weight, so it can not be because only that you lack the stamina. The simply but characterized learn that you and also eventually getting longer doing more often sports.

Hope I could help.

It is guaranteed not the weight, but to a lack of exercise, lack of exercise and, consequently, lack of stamina, power un skill.

check it out if you can join the wrestlers who have yet to be moderately / fat ... then you have the right sport for you and are intended also good at it ... have fun MLG

One can not be too thick for Sport. Even if you would weigh over 100 kg, you could also sports make only your stamina is not good.

You are much 63 kg, but not fat! But if you have otherwise never done sports, it's just not as easy.

Much has only exercise and movement helps a improve her coordination to expand its extensibility to increase his fitness and abandon a wimpy side.

With you it will probably be all of the.

Just start and when you look at it as drudgery, continue :) success is a right and you then noted first, what bullshit the head a teach attempts only to no longer torment. So persevere and feel at some point what to and not gathered to give is super!

The important thing is: Start! Now!

This is probably not on your weight, but more because you unsporting / seem to be immobile.

I know many in your weight class / size, the 'ne 1 in sports have ... because it is therefore not likely.

Obesity and lack of sportsmanship are subject to a certain causality. Eureka! Where sport anyone can do, no matter how "fat".

why do you think you're fat?

It may also be that you're just unsportsmanlike and for what else can good.

You you're not fat!

63.3 Kg at a size of 168cm, helps because only emergency slaughtering.

Girl you're not too fat, do not let yourself be persuaded that, you're probably too skinny, you're just unsportsmanlike

which should not now angry sound but I'm not exactly auhc thin I am 10 and weigh 35 kg, but I always do more sport the bringts

Typical question from a 13 year old adolescent child. Ever heard of unsportsmanlike people? I'm also going to school and am seeking not grade the sportiest person and I'm slim.

it may be that you want in the Forum bring you from us here the justification for your hunger Arts (anorexia)?

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