I'm full's bad doctor does not know what that is. Help :"(

Hi've since today Morgenstern sore throat (very dry neck), stuffy nose, mild headache and the lymph nodes or as they are called (the neck) hurt to be more precise, the right (touch the light). Yesterday had drunk water from a friend, and vlt. Therefore, since it has the same as me. :( What's the -Was the doctor but does not know it (it should be fine): '(Help, does anyone know what that is?

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Hab but a little patience. Soon you'll know what it is, namely probably a banal flu infection. The only need a little time to fully appear. You were at the doctor, as you could not really see it. Lie to from bed and rest. Drinking warm tea and hot lemon. After a few days it will you go a lot better. Get well.

You have just a cold. Lie in bed, drinking warm tea and protect you. Is everything all right, only your immune system halt bit weakened. And if your friend is sick, it is very likely that you also get sick just because you infect yourself to her.

a cold :-(

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