I'm looking for a dog name (male)!

So here are the features of it: the whole body white brown only on the head. Shorthair male is about 50-60cm tall There are no typical German name so do not be something like Patch Or Blacki or Flitzi or Fritz, Ben, Bello And no hard pronounceable names like Icarus, Idefix, Memphis, Oaklis or as a name to one can easily ausprechen where example. the letze letter of the name: e, i, o, u So as I said it is a dog for example. would name as Milow quite well (pronounced Mailo) but the name is a bit too "basic" for the movie "The Mask" and so do not speak fits my 'nem Jack Russel to basic but already popular Thanks in advance;)

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below I offer you a few names for dogs. Maybe you'll even under the name of someone who you like.

Abby, Adolf, Argo, Akimo, Akino, Akita, Alya, Amy, Angy, Anjou, Anna, Anton, Anouk, Anushka, Achilles, Areta, Argo, Ari, Arko, Askhan, Askari, Assanto, Aura, Ayasha, Babsi, Balou, Balu, Basko, Bella, Ben, Bengi, Bentley, Bilbo, BJ, Bonny, bosses, Brego, Buddy, Butsch, Calle, Candy, Cara, Carlos, Cartman, Cassie, Cesa, Cessi, Charley, Chevrolet, Chica, Chico, Chilli, Coca, Coco, Collin, Cooper, Cosmo, Crusty, Daika, Daria, Dexter, Diego, Dina, Donna, Duke, Duna, Dylan, Edda, ego, Ella, Elmo, Emma, ​​Emmi, Ennio, Enno, Fee, Fergus, Fidel, Finja, Fips, Flaffy, Freddy, Frida, Friedolin, Frodo, Gilda, Gimmi, Gina, Gipsy, Gizmo, Godo, Gogo, Goofy, Grizzly, Hanna, Hape, Happy, Hennri, Henry, Hermann, Holly, Hugo, Ira, Isi, Ivan, Ivy, Jack, Jacky, Jacomo, Janosch, Jerry, Jockey, Joey, Johnny, Joker, Jomo, Josie, Joschi, Kalle, Karla, Kendy, Kessy, Kimba, Kira, Kiry, Kyra, Klara, Kodiak, Kona, crumbs, Lalla, Lander, Lara, Lars, Lazy, Leila, Lenni, Lenox, Leo, Leon, Line, Lino, Lisa, Lisette, Loma, Lotti, Louis, Luigi, Luna, Luno, Maddy, Mailo, Maja, Maki, Marlo, Marlon, Marron, Max, Merle, Mia, Mila, Miles, Mille, Mimo, Möffe, mocha, Momo, Moods, Moon, Mopsi, Moritz, Mylo, Nala, Nelly, Neo, Nikita, Nuri, Nyla, Odin, Ogie, Ole, Oskar, Otter, ouzo, Ozzo, Paco, Paloma, Paul, Paula, Paule, Pauline, Pelle, Peppels, Pepsi, Perry, Phoebe, Pico, Piter, Pitt, Polli, Quando, Quito, Raffy, robbers, Ria, Richi, Riley, Ritschie, Rocko, Rocky, Rogi, Roshin, Rosso, Rouge, Ruby, Sally, Sam, Sami, Sammy, Santi, Shania, Sharon, Sheyla, Shira, Shiro, Shiva, Sira, skipper, Skolli, spaik, Sparky, Spiky, Storm, Tacilo, Tammy, Teddy, Terry, Tessa, Tequila, Thyson, Tiago, Timbo, Tina, Tinka, Toby Torres, Trinity, Trixi, Tyson, Vito, Waity, Whiskey, Willi, Wilma, Wynona, Yana.



Hi, I personally find it difficult to choose an appropriate name for the dog. The name should be something very personal between you and your 'friend'. What are you thinking when you look at him, he reminds you of something you associate with him something .... ????? All this makes it only from an individual and beautiful name. You can get thousands of suggestions, because there are names finally penny ..... but if you should decide you like this. If you can not spontaneously occurred at the sight of something, then spend but once some time with him and follow an inspiration that is sure to come when you know him only better. Good luck and I wish you and your dog to find a really nice, matching names.

  • Patou, spoken Patu
  • joker
  • Murphy, speaking Mörfi
  • muffin
  • Adone
  • Chocolate
  • Milky-Way

My called Kaspar, fits like chalk and cheese maybe you like it yes;)

Too bad ... that there are still dog owners are pretty unimaginative ...

If at us a new dog should move in, we usually had chosen so many names that it would have been enough for 5 complete Puppy Litters ...

... And it's mostly come so that the optimal name was found within 5 minutes ...

Perhaps like so a name from a book you've like to read? ... Or a great movie?

Our names were Bobby and Mickey and Burle.


Lux, our dog hies lux

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