I'm not quite sure what to wear to a job interview.

Hi, I have a job interview on Thursday as manufacturing mechanic in a large company. I would indicate to belong shoes with a black and put a white shirt and then the corresponding jacket to. But I do not know whether to much is not: / what would you recommend?

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I find black as color is not appropriate. Then prefer a more casual combination of Chino, shirt and sport coat, tie optional.

Sounds good. Add to that a neat appearance and then the pluses have secured.

It is important that the things clean and the location is in accordance with appropriate.

As Fertigungsmechaniker you have to interview a suit tighten. If you are applying for maybe sales are more likely. I would find dress shoes and black suit is actually a bit too chic. Perhaps you have dark jeans and a nice shirt? Given something the nicer than Turnshuhe, eg brown leisure leather shoes.

Look dear, you're coiffed neat that things are clean and that you leave a good impression with body language. With a suit you come quickly as a "snob" over.

Safe and neat jeans, T-shirt and sweatshirt ranges in neat and clean, which do not want to start from the bench yes. And when I find shoes also neat and clean sneakers completely ok

Yes, this is definitely too much. Unless there is customer traffic and you would now and must also be praesent. If you enslave only deep in a factory must also reaches n clean shirt, ordinary trousers and shoes.

Hello ManuWanu,

look here: karrierebibel.de/dresscode-im-vorstellungsgespraech-die-perfekte-kleidung/

You mean Anzughose, right?

Your dress is fine.

Shirt and jeans is always good.

Shoes n, a pair of jeans and a white shirt are ok

that's no bench! you pull street duds and good!

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