I'm Pregnant ?! (panic!)

Hi Leuts, I currently ultra the panic I could be pregnant. how do I get it? I am drinking a glass of wine at my last pack pills and taken the pill about 3 hours later - all well and good but after I had sex more often and then when I get the rule was this long only three days where I normally have always five days. Did my mother quietly told that it is weird and this meant it could of the tests (I had two weeks earlier) may be or when I was pregnant ... but yet had I any symptoms of pregnancy.

nevertheless it has me frightened animal because the last thing I need now is to be pregnant ... I hope someone can help me

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Have you ever read the leaflet, you know what is the pill and how it works? Do you think so many women would use the pill for contraception purposes, if the immediately loses its effectiveness at each Pups? How HobbyTfz has already written, alcohol affects the effect of the pill only when you need them vomit within 4 hours after administration. For doctor you can go, but just to let you again CORRECT pber enlighten the pill.

Hello 97J3nni

Alcohol has only you vomit affect the protection if you drink so much within 4 hours after taking the pill.

If you take the pill regularly, not vomiting, no diarrhea has and any medications takes the effect of the pill affect, one has taken at least 14 days on a regular basis the pill front break, the break not längerals takes 7 days and one on day 8 again carries on the pill, then istman during the break, and immediately thereafter, protected to 99.9%. If this applies to you, then I can imagine mirnicht that you should be pregnant. The pill is one of the sicherstenVerhütungsmittel and if you are both healthy you can come on the condom renunciation and it can also in you. It is also with vomiting and diarrhea continue to be protected when manrichtig responding and a pill nachnimmt when it happens within 4 hours after taking the pill. When diarrhea is one in this case only wässrigerDurchfall.

The bleeding (not period) may already be weakening come later fail or at all. It is only important that the pill break never lasts longer than 7days. On the eighth day you start again with the first pill of neuenBlisters, regardless of whether you had a bleeding or if they are still holding.

Greetings HobbyTfz

It could be that you're pregnant. Therefore, you should make a test and / or go to the gynecologist. Perhaps additionally use a condom in the future.

Son test costs partially none 3 € Mach a home or let the gynecologist make a.

Yes exactly pregnancy test or women Arzt.Die tests you get in any drugstore DM for example, or at the pharmacy.

We may as well not weiterhelfen.Mach but a pregnancy test.

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