I'm so different, why?

I Binn unlike any people I know, especially as from my age group. I have always been interested in other things than them. Also I'm not so good with them cope when I tell them as they have the wrong and did. Do not believe me and annoy me, close me out, provoziren me and if I get angry so I get in trouble. What am I doing wrong, what can I do? Thanks in advance treacle tart

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Love / r Siruptorte16

You do not need to your interests change. Then you care just for archery. (By the way: cool hobby)

As for your class so I can only say: It is important that you understand all of you well and as a community that stands before you school years to overcome together with mutual aid. Only thus can a class function. You should not tease you and therefore be conspicuous but instead conduct yourself calmly and always talk to them about what is bothering you.

Maybe you could suggest them also to try something else than playing phone. It is very normal that you fast for mobile accesses than worrying about what could be done yet, because it is easier.

You're doing nothing wrong. Just as others have mentioned, it might be instructive and annoying when you tell it to others: "This is wrong!" It is totally unjustified to treat others badly, that is, the next time someone provokes you / annoys then go to / for teacher / teacher and talk to her if the conversation with your classmates should not work.

Perhaps there is also at your school mediation?

That would be determined helpful ...

Best regards,


Good evening Siruptorte16,

for me the text acts as if you your classmates often say your opinion, what you find wrong, most likely arrive at your classmates instructive. That's why they might react annoyed.

If I can give you a tip, you're a little should hold back and only then speak your mind, when you are asked specifically by them. :)

can at your hobbies and interests and you should not change anything, because it's your business.

I hope I could help.

Where is the problem? I think the problem have only the other.

It is wonderful if not all people are equal. Imagine all the flowers in the world would look the same. Had miserably boring.

Each man has the opportunity to learn astonishing peculiarities and again to expand his horizons. Man ann even learn something from it and increase his experience.

Maybe you solltrst you something to hold back and the others not to quickly hold that they have done something wrong. That might not go down well, of course.

Being different is generally yes good times. People say to all "Yes" and "poor" (is a saying), bring it anyway not far, because they do not have their own character. not just because the other type your dislike Änder you. Sure, nobody likes to be criticized. Sometimes criticism is inappropriate. But often people do not want ads to make a mistake easily. Staggered me simply in the position of the other, and wonder if you would annoy the statement or not. Just search for people who you resemble, or accept you as you are. Try it "easy" to find younger or older when all of which are in your age group so it: D


I know the problem. I am also most somehow different, as different or the same age. So I am currently in the 8th grade of a high school and am interested hobbymaßig for the mathematics, computer science and play the piano. Also, I'm pretty shy and hold back, leading to bullying.

Be you yourself and ignore stupid comments. The world would be pretty boring if all were the same. Everyone is different and everyone has different interests and yet which is a good thing.

If you ignore it, they probably hear on by itself, weiil they realize that you're not interested. Of course you could also try on your classmates respond and to show the fact that you actually are quite nice and stuff.

Do not change yourself for others and stay with your hobby / interest.

LG Jasmin

Sounds to me as if you want to be special.

What do you mean: ,, Unlike other people "?

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