I'm worried about him

My friend had at 1:04 a car accident fortunately it nothing happens, although the car had total damage but maybe he had :( after me immediately called but I was even with a friend on the go. Where I had noticed I immediately called back, he has told me and in a cool style and loosen Art. I then said to but to come over he did not want. the next day I find this a different girl this was in the beginning I was angry because we something always say when we with other Move sind.aber to end not because simple was just glad that is both nothing happens. I got it though wondered why he does not tell me something before. he thinks it would make me leave nothing. Well, I've ignored so out taken. so at 30.04 he has come his new car and now on Saturdays it is :( broke through a gnawing he has become totally comic he had my car get so that he can do something with his people and where I said hei. Me do stuff with my people he was mad. I not did not understand why until today: / now seat he only forward mobile and schriebt all the time :( And hiding it :( He says it is up to car because it is not a safe place but he first one that he still mobile is :( I take so long that since my parents have 2 cars from my Mam

I have a feeling he concealed what I'm not ran to him what do you think?

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Maybe you interpret as purely just too much. Maybe he just wants to have a bit of peace and quiet, because as an accident anyway whatsoever is a shock. So I do not know what happened in your relationship so far, but I would suggest that you just trust and if he wants to talk to him, he will do that already :)

As can and should you have something to say, because no one is going and knows you not.

But since you're the only one who sees everything and obviously you can also what you suggest see, I think, your feeling will already tell you what's going on ...

What you can do now is to think you how to proceed further will. keep relationship, and hope he changes again, or continue to monitor and verify yourself if your guess is correct, or enter into the matter and ask him to talk.

Go from out worst, then you can as fast shock nix, whatever may come ...

Perhaps there is indeed for you at the end that you have only interpreted the observations wrong, and they would only prepare a party for you ...

Never ask the accused, but always watch yourself and interpret the characters. There are people who lie you the stars from the sky, and you do not notice ...

You're worried about Him? I rather think you're worried about your relationship. He had another girl in his car, hiding his phone and writes all the time, he meets with your car "his people" and is angry when you go away (could be that you meet even one of his pals). Well, that he concealed what probably is obvious. Stop putting up with excuses, he should tell you what is going. The broken car, its behavior can not explain. And if he wants to give you any reasonable answer / can you need it now no longer disputed for his "trips" your car.

It's just my opinion.

Oh God, it's horrible to read this text, I understand why he did not want to write to you.

He definitely has what run with the girl on. Maybe not sexually, but repays he flirts with. And he is a macho, because he, as I have it understood not want you to take what under other. You're not his subject.

I would separate me.

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