I miss my dog ​​still so much

Hello, the end of October my parents unfortunately had to euthanize our beloved dog because of cancer. She was only 11 and ichbin grew up with her (I'm 15) and I was dead sad because it was my life easy. I loved it that way. I'm actually reactive quickly got over it. I thought so, because every time I think of it I have to start to howl. Even today, on my birthday I got all night crying because I miss so much. Just everything. Me very lacking. In four days then her death ago 4 months and I miss them very easily. She has left such a huge hole. I just want to have again. I do not ask but I just had to let's go be because I can told anyone who would I just do not understand.

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I know how you feel. I have 2 months to euthanize my Rb I've maintained every day already eight years since the Besi may care nothing around. I anyone of these sch * feelings told me feel so guilty mega. I was one week after not in school and now I direct myself last from his brother. Is sometimes little goofy because the memory is coming up and I need some cry at school. In such a time friends are very very important. Maybe you indeed a friend whom you could ask if you can tell him what.

Today 4/23/15 I brought after long and many studies also our little whirlwind to the vet it was back at my first dog so I was too young, I was not allowed as they had to be euthanized today came in any case the results of my little Strubbel "bone cancer" it was a blow to the head, I felt nothing at this moment, at least we all know the cancer grade in dogs is incurable - thus we entered today his last journey with him I regret it not that I was there in spite of all I wish he were here, it is not the same if it is not because it is doing just so incredibly hurt. I understand each of soetwas or the like by making or by making had my sympathy

I always think of my dead bitch .. was ne German bulldog, senility and old my kangal the eingeschäfert are also 6 because cancer had .. JTZ even my hangover was euthanized .. I think you just get over the death of people / animals you love / loved has not gone.

Hey I'm fully sorry! I cry sometimes because my dog ​​had to be euthanized 3 years ago, so you're not alone. We now have a new dog but the old I miss sometimes extremst! As I read your "question" I had to cry again start but the beautiful are the memories that remain a <3

is fully ok - to be fully normal dadrüber sad! I would get out howl all howl until it no longer works.

Eventually you can accept the fact and get over it, all the best!

My cat was euthanized years ago about 3 and I still think of. But I think of the great things he has done. And came in 18 years since together some.

My dog ​​died 8,5 years ago and I still cried last week however.

Kanst quietly be sad, she was finally a family member, you grew up with it, since it is normal that one mourns and that they lack you. There are four months really short, you'll be even more sad. And you can too.

Perhaps you thinking about a new dog at the shelter are so many cute animals that desperately need a home, maybe that would be something for you and your family.

Visiting times a shelter, look around you, get busy with the dogs, I'm sure there a there who sneaks into your heart, then it is easier to cope with the death of your dog.

You have someone who is always there to have the Do you care who makes you laugh and you come quickly to other thoughts.

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