I mourning for my dog

Hello my dog ​​Nando died on 03/12/2015 Yesterday I was just in the supermarket than I was awarded my mother's call Nando was dead she has brought into the vet because he was ill, he had cancer and was 17 years old when I was in then looked in the box I started to cry, it was such a sight worse but in it was better in any case, because he could not walk at night he barked in pain. But I also see so a that it was better for in. We have in buried in our garden as 2 other dogs and now when I look out the window and see the supplied excavated hole where he is in there I start getting to cry for it true so wonderful times with him I lived least 13 years with in together. I just have a funny feeling when I would be very happy if I get nice comments on it I guess.

The best answer

Let me simply times take virtually very sweet and comforting in the arm.

Heartfelt condolences.

Losing a good friend, is very bad. I know that, unfortunately, very good. In December our bitch is gone. We also had to euthanize - it was old and sick and it was better for them. Nevertheless, does something hurt incredibly.

Take the time to grieve. But Always remember, your dog stays in your heart - just a shell is buried.

17 years old is a great age. He has had a long beautiful life and the count. Remember the good times, because the bleben forever.

I wish you lots of strengh.

Hello, let me embrace you once. lose to a dog's bad. Did he not long time spent with you. Everything you say in such a moment is wrong. Be sad and think of the good times. The time will pass - and at some point you can think of him without cry.

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